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business development

4front partners work with clients to secure and
implement new business.

We can help you with your sales strategy, train your personnel, identify a new market or write a winning tender.

  • Winning tenders

  • Direct sales

  • Key account management

Ok, so this might be a bit cheesy, but we really believe that a sensible approach to business development incorporates the old Fisher, Hunter, Farmer model (although we admit we look at the models in our own way)! 

Fishing (Responding to tenders)

Have you got the right set up to land new fish swimming your way? Read More

Hunting (Direct Sales, going after your own targets)

Has your organisation got the skills and approach to source your own dinner?! Read More

Farming (Account Management)

If you don’t look after your crops, they’ll fail.  Tend them well and they will keep putting food on the table! Read More

Too many times we see organisations who are good at just one of these approaches, but miss out because they lack an understanding or skill set in the others – and that is a risk for businesses.  


We’ve seen organisations who think they don’t need to win new business because of a solid portfolio of clients.  If those clients slowly slip away, they don’t know how to rebuild.  


We’ve also seen organisations who aggressively secure new business (through fishing or hunting) and then singularly fail to nurture those contracts and relationships, limiting repeat business and customer satisfaction.


We had an urgent need on a tender that we asked Tony to help with.  In a few days Tony had identified the right external partners, engaged them and signed them up to supporting our bid.  


His support was invaluable in us submitting a winning bid.

Karen Wright

Business Development Director, Twin Group


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