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Birmingham City Council’s S.114 declaration

I’ve been passionately supporting Birmingham’s Voluntary and Community Sector for several years now. This week we heard that Birmingham City Council is in a dire financial situation. This has implications in very many areas. One of these is the essential community services delivered by hundreds of Third Sector organisations across the city. Many will be directly funded by BCC, many more indirectly.

At a time that is already challenging for the third sector, many will now be poised for extra pressure if budgets (that they rely on to operate) are cut or reduced. It’s a concern.

However, I was buoyed by the wise and measured words of Brian Carr, Chief Executive of BVSC (see link in this post). I echo his thoughts on how organisations who receive funding from BCC should seek conversations with their commissioners. More importantly, now is a time to review your current contracts and pipeline to plan the sustainability and growth of your organisation. And it’s always good to explore new income streams, partners and diversification. But don’t be alone; reach out to your partners, the experts in the City, and Charitable Foundations to ensure you have all bases covered.

I appreciate all too well how important a strategic business development strategy is and help many organisations think differently to achieve sustainability and longevity. A key part of that is knowing and appreciating your market and support network. There are many amazing stakeholders in the City, striving to support the important work that voluntary sector organisations deliver.

I am sure that the likes of BVSC, WMCA, Andy Street, BCC, West Midlands Funders Network, Birmingham Community Matters and I-SE (and others!) will be collaborating heavily now and into the coming months on the implications for services in Birmingham. By the way, if you are not in contact with the likes of BVSC, i-se and Birmingham Community Matters, I’d urge you to explore how you can work with them for the benefit of your organisation and beneficiaries.

Tony Carr


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